Department of Arts, English & Humanities

The Department of Arts, English, and Humanities (AEH) has an energetic and varied faculty that nurtures nearly one hundred fifty majors in its degree programs.  AEH also offers students in every major many of the general education requirements necessary for graduation.  We give students the opportunity to study with dedicated teachers, most of whom publish in their fields.  Because of our highly approachable teachers, and generally small class sizes, students in our courses enjoy learning environments that encourage them to think critically and express themselves effectively.  Our students benefit from personal attention, while having the advantage of resources available to students on the Baton Rouge campus: a fine library, excellent computer facilities, and research and publishing opportunities.

After students enter degree programs, we know their first responsibility is to their intellectual growth, but this is also an important time to refine values, social sensitivities, political awareness, and to develop avocations that will complement careers and enhance life experiences.  We offer a series of minors that can help students achieve this balance.  We provide opportunities for developing leadership skills that can serve students well in their careers and in the communities in which they choose to live and work.   Our teachers provide additional opportunities for students to take part in activities that can entertain them as well as enhance their understanding of different cultures.  We know our students come to our campus with a variety of talents and backgrounds, and we are committed to fostering such diversity in an environment of mutual respect. 

If you have any questions, suggestions, comments, or concerns, please contact Dr. Holly Wilson, Chair of AEH, by e-mail: or telephone the department office: (318) 473-6581.