Department of Psychology


The Department of Psychology is one of the newest departments on Campus.  In the fall of 2018, it was named one of two academic departments chosen by on-campus students as a 5-Star department (click to see proclamation).  The B.S. in Psychology was also recognized as one of the nation’s best Online Psychology Programs by Affordable Colleges Online (click for article).  LSUA’s program was ranked 38th in the U.S. and is the highest ranked online psychology program of any Louisiana school.  Whether you are in a traditional face to face class or an online class you will find yourself well suited for many career paths.  Skills such as critical thinking and problem solving underlie most psychology courses.  Common themes include mental and emotional health, human and animal behavior, research and synthesis of information.  Psychology is a tremendously varied field.  A degree in PSYCHOLOGY is good preparation for many professions, and our graduates go on to succeed in a variety of careers and many further their education at a graduate degree level.  If you plan on working with other people, regardless of profession, a PSYCHOLOGY degree can get you where you want to go! 

The Department of Psychology offers the Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and a Bachelor of General Studies with a concentration in Psychology. The department offers many courses that provide either general education or elective coursework to support degrees offered by other departments of the university. In addition to psychology courses, the department also offers courses in anthropology, social work and sociology.


Psychology majors gain knowledge, skills, and abilities that will enhance personal and professional life, as well as workplace skills needed in the information age, such as:

  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Collaboration skills
  •  Strong understanding of human behavior
  • Collection and interpretation of data
  • Analysis and synthesis of information

Career Paths


  • Business, Advertising and Finance (Claims Supervisor, Fund Raiser, Loan Counselor, Market Research Analyst, Pharmaceutical Sales Rep, Real Estate Agent, Public Relations Rep)
  • Health and Medical Services (Health Coach, Health Information Specialist, Psychiatric Aide/Technician, Public health Social Worker)
  • Human Resources (Benefits Manager, Employment Counselor, Disability Policy ORKER OR Case Manager, Human Resource Advisor, Labor Relations manager, Personnel Recruiter)
  • Law and Law Enforcement (Corrections Officer, Criminal Investigator, Social worker, Immigration Officer, Paralegal, Victims’ Advocate)
  • Education (Alumni Director, Financial Aid Counselor, Grade school Teacher, special Education Teacher, Vocational Trainer)
  • Social and Human Services (Case worker or Case Manager, Child Protection Social Worker, Community Organization Worker, Human Services Counselor, Independent Living Counselor, Group Home counselor)
  • Children and Families (Child Welfare/Protection/Placement Caseworker, Social WORKER, Child Development Specialist, Preschool director)
  • Sport, Fitness and Recreation (Activities director, Coach, Scout, Fitness Trainer, Personal Trainer, Recreational Specialist, Recreational Therapist)
  • Counseling and Therapy (Crisis Intervention Counselor, Rehabilitation Counselor, Substance Abuse Counselor, Physical Therapist Assistant)