Maintaining Honors Status

All honors students' transcripts will be reviewed each summer by the Honors Program Committee. To maintain honors status, students must:

  • Maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • Earn a B or higher in each honors course
  • Complete 10 hours of service per year. Documentation of Volunteer/Service Activity
  • Make progress toward completing the honors curriculum requirements by taking at least three honors credits per year. While honors students may contract any course, only the contracts in courses required in the degree program will count toward the 18 honors hours.
  • A student may do no more than three contracts in a semester and no more than one contract per session for 7 week classes.

To earn honors designation at graduation, students must complete 18 hours of honors course work in their respective majors. Of the required 18 credit hours, six (6) credits must be at the 4000 level and six (6) credits must be at the 3000 level.

Honors students who fail to meet any of these requirements will be given one semester of probation to correct any deficiencies. Honor students who fail to meet requirements after a semester of probation will be dismissed from the program. The Honors Program Committee (or a subcommittee thereof) will make the final decision about probation and dismissals.

  • Any student who contracts with an instructor and is unable to meet the demands of the honors contract may opt out of the contract one time only. Opting out of the honors contract will result in the student being placed on honors program probation, not on official LSUA probation. If a student opts out of his or her contract a second time, that student will no longer be able to participate in the honors program.