Transfer Credit Equivalency

Transfer Credit Equivalency

Want to find out how your courses will transfer to LSUA?

Click the link below to find out. 

Course Transfer Information

 Follow the below instructions to view how your courses will transfer to LSUA.

  1. Find your home institution, enter name in search box
  2. Click on your institution
  3. Courses that have equivalency will appear
  4. Courses with asterisk, ex: RELG 1***, do not have any direct equivalency to an LSUA course.  These courses may be used as free electives or your advisor may be able to request a course substitution if appropriate

Please note: Search may not produce a complete list of transfer credit courses 

If you are not clear on this process or have questions, please feel free to contact the Office of the Registrar at 318-473-6424 or via email at