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Serving its students better, LSUA has added an ROTC program to its ever-expanding list of student opportunities. Army ROTC (Reserve Officer's Training Corps) is one of the best leadership courses in the country and can be a part of your college curriculum. Being a student at Louisiana State University at Alexandria while affiliated with Northwestern State University of Louisiana and learning to become a leader will make your college experience even richer and establish a foundation of professionalism that will position you for life-long success.

Louisiana State University at Alexandria ROTC

Scholarship Payment
Scholarship Benefit
 $2,669 (est.)
Tuition Payment
All Fees Paid (No Cap)
Fee Payment
$600 Book Stipend
*$1,200 Monthly Allowance
$4,469 (approximate)
 Total Benefits per Semester
Scholarship values are approximate
Academic Year  Monthly Allowance
Total per Semester
 $300 $1,200
 $350 $1,400
 $450 $1,800
 $500 $2,000
*Monthly Allowance Table

Who we are looking for:

  • Scholars - 2.7 GPA, 1100 SAT or 20 ACT, National Honor Society
  • Athletes - active, competitive involvement on Varsity team, Presidential Physical Fitness Award, top three in individual competition, 270+ on APFT
  • Leaders - team captain, student council member, FBLA or BETA club officers
  • Service-Oriented People of Character - The U.S. Army Cadet Command selects, educates, trains, and commissions college students to be officers and leaders of character in the Total Army; instills the values of citizenship, national and community service, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment.

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Service Obligation

  • Receive a commission and serve as an Officer in the Army Active Duty Forces, the US Army Reserve (USAR) or the Army National Guard (ARNG
  • Serving on active duty for 4-6 years followed by service in the ARNG, USAR, or the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) for the remainder of the obligation
  • Serving 8 years in an ARNG or USAR Troop Program Unit which includes a 3 to 6 month active duty period for initial entry training

Special Benefits for Nursing Students

  • ROTC provides stethoscopes, PDAs, scrubs, and other required nursing items free of charge
  • ROTC pays for NCLEX prep and test fees
  • Nursing Cadet graduates choose to serve as an Army nurse either on active duty or in the Reserve Component
  • Reserve Component Nurses are full time civilian nurses, with paid weekend and summer military service opportunities (as a nurse)
  • Once commissioned, the Army will pay for a number of nurse specialty schools and programs

Cadet Life

Military/Leadership Training
  • Military Science Courses
  • Physical Training Classes
  • Thursday Leadership Lab from 1530 - 1730 (Military Leadership Training and Application)
  • Two Weekend Field Training Exercise each semester
Miscellaneous Activities
  • Black Knight Drill Team
  • Football Cannon/VIP Elevator
  • Basketball Seating
  • Christmas Festival Entry Points
Summer Training
  • Airborne
  • Air Assault Course
  • CULP Program
  • CTLT
  • NSTP