What to Bring

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What to Bring?

The following is a list of items we suggest having in your residence hall room. It is only a suggestion -- you may bring more than this, but keep in mind the space limitations of a residence hall room (especially when shared with a roommate).


Shorts T-Shirts  Sweatshirts
Sweats Sweaters Jeans
Belts Underwear Socks
Dress Socks/Hose Dress Clothes Pajamas
Boots Dress Shoes Shoes
Robe Gloves Hat
Scarf Coat Slippers
Work-out Clothes    


Toothbrush Toothpaste Dental Floss
Mouthwash Shampoo/conditioner Hair Spray/Gel
Soap Deodorant Shower Sandals
Shower Caddy Razors Shaving Cream
After Shave Baby Powder Cotton Swabs
Make-up Face Wash Tissues
Nail Clippers/File Pain Reliever Vitamins
Other Medications First Aid Kit Lotion
 Aloe Sunscreen Feminine/Male Products

Household Items

Cleaners Fabric Freshner Air Freshner
Paper Towels Carpet/Rug Bed Sheets (Twin Extra Long)
Mattress Pad Comforter Blankets
Pillow Pillow Case Wash Clothes
Towels Hand Towels Plants
Snack Foods Juices/Water/Soda Refrigerator (Not over 4.5 Cubic Feet)
Hand Soap Recycling Bin Laundry Basket/Bag
Detergent/Dryer Sheets Spot Remover Microwave
 Utensils Dish Soap and Sponge Can Opener
Pizza Cutter Cups/Glasses Small Tool Set
Flashlight Tape (No Duct Tape) Sewing Kit
Clothes Hanger Stackable Bins Umbrella
Hair Dryer/Curler/Flat Iron Desk Lamp Alarm Clock
Fan Message Board Dry Erase Markers
Pictures Posters Camera

Important Documents

Health Insurance Card Debit Card Checkbook
Important Dates Address Book Renter's Insurance
Passport/Visa Driver License

What to Leave at Home

Window Air Conditioner Non UL Approved Cords and Surge Protectors Ceiling Fans
Fireworks Any Pets (except Fish)

Leisure Items

 Cards Stereo TV
DVD Player DVD's CDs
MP3 Player Headphones Batteries
Bike/Longboard Rollerblades Sporting Equipment

School Supplies

 Notebooks Loose-leaf Paper Folders
Envelopes/Stamps Pens/Pencils Highlighters
Message Pad/Sticky Notes Binders Calculator
Ruler White-Out Stapler
Paper Clips Rubber Bands Tacks
Scissors 3-Hole Punch Backpack