Sarah Black
Director of Marketing and Strategic Communications
(318) 427-4407

Elizabeth Jonson
Assistant Director of Marketing and Strategic Communications
(318) 427-0132


The professionals in the Office of University Relations will work together as a team to tell LSUA’s unique story to local, national and international audiences.

The office directs the communications strategy for the university, manages marketing and advertising efforts, handles media relations and communications between the university and its internal/external audiences, provides creative services to members of the university community, conceives and produces digital imaging for promotional use, publicizes the research and creative scholarship of university faculty and is responsible for advancing the LSUA brand throughout the nation and around the globe.

This information is provided through the mass media, publications, video, correspondence and various other means, using the resources and talents available in Marketing, Media Relations, Graphic Design, Photography, Communications, Video Production and Website Development.

Most services provided by the division are free to university departments. However, there are charges for preproduction design services, electronic media production and some photography. For more detailed information about university policies and approval processes, view policy PS-10. 

Mission, Vision, Values


Promoting LSUA worldwide.


Leading the charge to spread the General pride around the world.


Innovation: To use emerging methods to achieve our mission.
Collaboration: We are all on the same team.
Enjoyment: We value an engaged workplace, meaningful work and a balanced life.
Excellence: We maintain the highest standard of quality and accountability.
Integrity: All we do will be based on sound ethical principles.
Trust: We develop mutual respect by consistently exceeding expectations.