LSUA Host College Readiness Boot Camp

by Sarah Black | Jun 26, 2018
LSUA prepares incoming students for college classes.

LSUA recently invited entering first-time freshmen students with low or borderline scores for placing into first-year math and English courses to a College Readiness Boot Camp in order to increase their scores.

The students were pre-tested in the two subject areas before the boot camp and again at the end. After a week of high-intensity study, 50 percent of the students were able to place into College Algebra and 84 percent were able to place into English 1001.

“Not only did we want to improve the students’ college readiness, but our additional goals included allowing for opportunities for these new students to make connections to our campus, our students, our instructors, and to their fellow classmates,” said Katie Cooley, camp coordinator and director of the LSUA Testing Center.

“This group of students were very eager and enthusiastic learners, and they demonstrated gains in confidence and competence,” said Dr. Elizabeth Beard, associate professor of English at LSUA.

With small class sizes, students were able to receive personalized instruction and had a student mentor throughout the weeklong program. This was the first time that LSUA has hosted such a program, but hopes to do so again in the future.