LSUA Sees Gains in Continuing Students

by Sarah Black | Sep 10, 2018
LSUA releases its fall 2018 enrollment figures.

LSUA is reporting a 2018 fall semester total of 3,165 students enrolled at the University.

The University is proud to announce a 3.75 percent increase over fall 2017 in continuing students with 1,826 currently enrolled. Additionally, the University is reporting one of its largest ever freshmen classes with 464 students.

“The University has made student retention one of its main priorities and we are excited to see substantial growth in this area,” says Dr. Guiyou Huang, LSUA chancellor. “We are continually exploring new avenues for raising our retention rates and are proud of the work being done in this area. Additionally, we have a very talented and diverse incoming freshmen class and we are excited to see what they will accomplish while at LSUA.”

The University also continues to see substantial growth in its online programs. Currently, 493 students are enrolled in 100 percent online classes, up 19.6 percent from fall 2017. 

Revenue for the University is also up for fall 2018 and showing an increase of 1.8 percent over the previous fall semester.

Other enrollment figures for fall 2018 include 282 transfer students, 129 reentry students, and 464 dual enrollment students, representing a decline from fall 2017.

LSUA students represent a total of 42 states and 21 countries from around the world. Currently, there are 59 international students enrolled at the university. Of the international students, 21 are new to the University this fall. Additionally, LSUA is welcoming its first ever J-1 students. This fall, LSUA is home to two J-1 students who are on campus as exchange visitors for one year from China.

LSUA reports enrollment on the 14th day of the semester.