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Brianna E. Williams, JD

Title IX Coordinator
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Kristen Meche-Miller

Deputy Title IX Coordinator
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Office: Abrams Hall 115

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LSUA Campus - Student Center Counseling Services
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Report an Incident

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In the event of an Emergency, please do not use this form. Call LSUA Police by dialing 911 or (318) 473-6427.

Prior to completing this form, please review the institution's Sexual Misconduct policy here.

This form is designed to provide students, employees, faculty, vendors, visitors or other with an on-line method to report specific information related to an alleged incident(s) of sexual misconduct, sex discrimination, sexual harassment, dating violence, stalking, or retaliation in accordance with the institution's Sexual Misconduct policy.

The institution will use the information provided to begin an investigation, which may include contact the complainant, respondent, and/or any potential witnesses. If the report does not contain specific information, the institution's investigation and response may be limited.

Background Information

If you wish to identify yourself, please fill in the information listed below.
If the person completing this form is the victim, you may choose to identify yourself or not.
If you are a third party complainant who is not the victim, include the victim.

Please send any supporting documentation that supports your complaint to